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Our World War I Memorial

After the first memorial had been created Mrs Gillies realised she had enough money for a second memorial. This one had to be smaller but by no means less important.

She came to us for help because she thought our work was some of the best. So Lucy, Lauren, Phoebe, Rachel and I set to work on the memorial that had to be completed by first period next morning. We were on a pretty tight schedule; we got the rest of the day off to work on it.

The memorial was to be for the soldiers in World War One that came from this school. Mr Waite gave us a lot of background information for each soldier, along with names and faces.

At the start of the day, ideas of what to do were scarce, probably because of a slight pressure for it to look good because we were told it would be there for quite a long time. But as we talked and cut bits of info out, a plan was formulated.

All in all it took us 3 attempts to finally decide what to do but by that time we only had a few hours of the day left. It was very important it was completed, since relatives of some of the soldiers were coming to observe the piece once it was unveiled in a few weeks time.

When we got our design we had to transfer it on to a 50 x 50 cm sheet of card, (1/5th scale of the actual size). This involved quite a bit of running about getting equipment and a few trips to the photocopier room.

Finally with the knowledge from Mr Waite and the artistic input of Mrs Gillies and Mrs Frejszyn-Hanson, we completed the Memorial in 7 hours.

We were all very pleased with the outcome and quite nervous of what people would think of it (especially the relatives). However now it's up and everyone can see it and everybody seems happy with it, so we have nothing to worry about. We had great fun making it and we are grateful for this opportunity.

By Daisy Smith Y10

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