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Chartwells - School Meals

At Sir John Nelthorpe School we use Chartwells as our school meals provider. 

Chartwells believe in giving children all the get up and go they need with tasty food and unrivalled approach to school meals. As well as providing thousands of meals daily to students across the country, they run activities and workshops to encourage healthy eating and inspire good, lifelong habits

At Sir John Nelfhorpe School we have the same aspiration as Chartwells in relation to their school meal..."We don’t just want children to eat our food... we want them to LOVE it!"

We wholeheartedly believe that lunchtime should be a fun part of the day, jam-packed with lots of different, flavoursome and healthy food. Chartwells dedicated nutritionists bring food to life through the Eat Right, Stay Bright programme. It’s crammed with goodness... from Fun Into Food lessons, student survival talks, parent workshops and breakfast clubs to our Food Superheroes and Beyond the Kitchen web hub. 

We believe that good food will set young people up for their day, and for a lifetime of good eating habits. Ensuring every student has the same opportunity to develop and make a positive conribution to our school, by having access to fresh, health and great tasting meals.

The nutritionists and chefs from Chartwells go to great lengths to create food that looks good, tells a story and is in tune with the latest trends - because that's the food students say they want. In the words of the students: food that is "tasty, lovely and delicious". 

You can find out more on the Chartwells website

A meal deal costs £2.50 per day and meal accounts can be topped up and are managed via SCOPAY.

Pupils pay for their meals using a biometric finger print system so pupils in receipt of Free School Meals are managed discretely and pay for meals in the same way as all other pupils with their accounts being topped up with their Free Meal allowance automatically. 

Eligibility for Free School Meals is assessed and awarded by North LIncolnshire Council. To find out whether you qualify for Free School Meals you can email or call 01724 297217 for more details. 

Chartwells are committed to minimising the use of single-use plastics in all areas of catering at our school from storage to preparation and serving of food. Waste food is recycled using ReFood.

Pupils have access to a water fountain for fresh drinking water in the canteen. 

Please find below some information sheets and the latest menu choices:

Sir John Nelthorpe SS24 Menu v2.pdf
SS24 SEC Pop-Ups Calendar 23.02.24 (2).pdf

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